Lamp Cord Coverup®


Our before picture shows the unsightly cord. By adding our winter white Cord Coverup® the cord virtually disappears and the focus is on the lamp and the beautiful décor.

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Lamp Style
Cord Coverup® Instructions
• Turn off and unplug lamp.
• Remove rubber band from top end of stick where Cord Coverup® label is located.
• Secure largest part of electrical plug against notched end of stick with enclosed twist tie ensuring that twist tie lies flat.
• Remove rubber band from other end of stick.
• Pull fabric over electrical plug using Cord Coverup® label and slide fabric up electrical cord toward lamp base while holding onto stick.
• Discard stick and rubber bands.
Tip: Shorten extra electrical cord length with enclosed twist ties.
• Distribute Cord Coverup® evenly over electrical cord.

Important Information
Recommended Cord Coverup® fullness is 2 to 3 times length of electrical cord. Cut Cord Coverup if fullness exceeds 3 times length of electrical cord. Use remaining Cord Coverup® for another cord.
Use Cord Coverup® with UL approved cords.

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Cord Coverup®.

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